Chapel Hill Custom Home

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Custom home for Canino Slome family the achieves 41% energy savings w/o PV and 52% w/ PV.  Key Partners:

Energy Efficiency Measures:

PV electric generation (under NC "Green Power" Program), solar thermal hot water, high efficiency propane furnace, high performance windows, sun tempered design, insulated sheathing on walls, controlled fresh air ventilation system, insulated basement.

Other Features:

* End Type: No Regional Office: Atlanta Submitted: No Approved: Yes Modified: 2006-04-25 * Visit: No

Specification 3714

  • Percent Energy Savings: 7
  • Submitted: No
  • Approved: Yes
  • Modified: 2008-05-05 00:00:00
  • Floor Plan: Unknown
  • Roof Radiant: No
  • Wall Radiant: No
  • Space Heating Capacity: 0.0
  • Total Energy Savings: 7.0

Specification 3758

  • Percent Energy Savings: 53
  • Submitted: No
  • Approved: Yes
  • Editor: Brad Oberg
  • Modified: 2006-05-17 00:00:00
  • Floor Plan: Custom Home
  • House Type: Unknown
  • Number of Stories: 2.0
  • Floor Area: 3685.0
  • Roof Framing: Unvented attic - truss framing
  • Roof Insulation: Fiberglass batt
  • Roof R Value: 30.0
  • Roof Radiant: No
  • Roof Upgrades: Roof/ceiling has R-30 fiberglass batt insulation.
  • Wall Insulation: Fiberglass batts
  • Wall R Value: 19.0
  • Wall Sheathing: XPS
  • Wall Sheathing R Value: 3.0
  • Wall Radiant: No
  • Wall Upgrades: Exterior walls consist of R-3 extruded polystyrene rigid board insulation sheathing and R-19 fiber glass batt insulation within wall cavities.
  • Foundation Type: Conditioned basement
  • Foundation Insulation: Rigid foam
  • Foundation R Value: 10.0
  • Foundation Upgrades: Basement foundation wall system consists of R-10 extruded polystryrene rigid board insulation on exterior face. Basement is conditioned.
  • Window Glazing: Double pane - low-e - spectrally selective
  • Window SHGC: 0.330000013113
  • Window Upgrades: South oriented windows reduce winter heating loads with U value of 0.47 and SHGC of 0.81. East, west, north orientations use windows that are spectrally selective, double glazed units with a SHGC of 0.33 and a U value of 0.
  • Space Heating Type: Other
  • Space Heating Combustion: Other
  • Space Heating Capacity: 0.0
  • Space Heating Efficiency: 90.0
  • Space Heating Efficiency Type: % AFUE
  • Space Heating Location: Basement
  • Space Heating Energy Proto: 50.0
  • Space Heating Energy: 114.0
  • Space Heating Fuel: Other
  • Space Heating Upgrades: A 90% AFUE condensing propane furnace and a heating/cooling outdoor heat pump with SEER 10 provide space conditioning.
  • Lighting Energy: 33.0
  • Lighting Energy Proto: 11.0
  • Light Appliance: 27.0
  • Light Appliance Proto: 25.0
  • Cooling Type: Air Source Heat Pump
  • Cooling SEER: 10.0
  • Cooling Fuel: Electric
  • Cooling Energy Proto: 40.0
  • Cooling Energy: 73.0
  • Cooling Upgrades: A 90% AFUE condensing propane furnace and a heating/cooling outdoor heat pump with SEER 10 provide space conditioning.
  • Duct Type: Flexible
  • Duct Location: In conditioned space
  • Air Distribution Location: Basement
  • Air Distribution Upgrades: The air distribution system is comprised of flex duct. Air leakage testing determined that air leaks occurring within the entire system equal about 20% of total air handler airflow with about 10% of air leakage going to the outside.
  • Air Tight Upgrades: Airtight building enclosure achieved by a continuous air barrier aided by sealing of penetrations. Air leakage target of 0.20 air changes per hour natural as tested by a blower door at 50 pa.
  • Vent Type: Controlled supply
  • Vent Control: Scheduled (runs for certain hours)
  • Vent Capacity: 43.0
  • IAQ Upgrades: Mechanical ventilation is provided by a passive supply air system that is connected to the return air plenum. A mechanical damper and a controller timer regulate the outdoor air flow rate. Outdoor air is treated by the air handler prior to it entering the air distribution system. Ventilation requirement is 43 cfm continuous
  • Hot Water Type: Solar assisted
  • Hot Water Combustion: Not Applicable
  • Hot Water Location: Basement
  • Hot Water Capacity: 80.0
  • Hot Water Energy Proto: 8.0
  • Hot Water Energy: 40.0
  • Hot Water Fuel: Electric
  • Hot Water Upgrades: Two flat plate collector panels, an external heat exchanger and a 80 gallon storage tank with electric heating element comprise the closed loop solar thermal system for hot water production.
  • Benchmark Version: 12/29/04
  • Total Energy Use: 287.0
  • Total Energy Use Proto: 134.0
  • Percent Energy Savings: 53.0
  • Total Energy Savings: 53.0

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Field Value
Author Brad Oberg
Maintainer Brad Oberg
Last Updated September 16, 2016, 21:56 (Etc/UTC)
Created September 16, 2016, 21:55 (Etc/UTC)
Construction Type New Construction
Evaluation Level Test House
Climate Mixed - Humid
City Chapel Hill
State NC
Zip Code 99999
Phase Before 2010
Project Start Date 2005-11-04
Project Estimated End Date 1970-01-01
Project Actual End Date 1970-01-01
Completed House Count 1
Expected House Count 1
Energy Savings Percentage 30
Average Estimated Annual Source Energy (MMBtu) 1
Average Conditioned Floor Area (sqft) 1

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