Van Geet Residence

  • Description: The Van Geet home is grid-independent (not connected to the local power company) and is located at an altitude of 9,200 feet above sea level. This passive solar home is constructed with dry-stack concrete blocks with poured centers. Trombe walls and direct solar gain creates heat for the house, and an active solar water-heating system and a wood-burning stove in the great room provides backup heating. The Van Geet residence is cooled with natural ventilation. Features include 1,200-watt photovoltaic system to provide electrical power (propane generator backup), active solar water-heating system for hot water and space heating, natural ventilation, drain water heat recovery system, trombe walls, high-mass concrete masonry unit (CMU) walls with exterior insulation (synthetic stucco finish), energy-efficient lighting (T-8 and compact fluorescent), radiant floor heating, low-energy refrigerator (80% less energy than conventional refrigerators), utilities total less than $100 per year
  • End Type: No
  • Regional Office: Denver
  • Submitted: No
  • Approved: Yes
  • Modified: 2003-10-31
  • Visit: No

Specification 295

  • Submitted: No
  • Approved: Yes
  • Editor: Paul Norton
  • Modified: 2003-09-15 00:00:00
  • Model Name: Otto's House
  • Floor Plan: Otto's House
  • Style: Single-family detached, site built
  • House Type: Prototype/Research House (G2)
  • Number of Stories: 2.0
  • Floor Area: 3176.0
  • Conditioned Volume: 36500.0
  • Roof Framing: Cathedral
  • Roof Insulation: Fiberglass blown
  • Roof R Value: 40.0
  • Roof Radiant: No
  • Roof Upgrades: metal roof covering
  • Wall Framing: Concrete masonry
  • Wall Insulation: Rigid foam
  • Wall R Value: 20.0
  • Wall Radiant: No
  • Wall Upgrades: This house includes solar heating by direct gain and a Trombe wall system. See for more information on passive solar design.
  • Foundation Type: Slab on grade
  • Foundation Insulation: None
  • Foundation Upgrades: Perimeter insulation: 2" polystyrene
  • Window Glazing: Double pane - low-e
  • Window Framing: Wood
  • Window U Value: 0.310000002384
  • Window SHGC: 0.639999985695
  • Window Upgrades: Low U and High SHGC is ideal for passive solar gain.
  • Space Heating Type: Hot water combo
  • Space Heating Combustion: Sealed combustion
  • Space Heating Capacity: 50000.0
  • Space Heating Fuel: Gas
  • Space Heating Upgrades: Due to Passive solar gain, tight sealing and high insulation values, this home requires 89% less energy for heating and cooling than a home built to minimum code requirements (MEC)
  • Cooling Type: None
  • Duct Type: Other
  • Duct Location: Other
  • Air Distribution Upgrades: No air distribution system is necessary for this house.
  • Vent Type: No ventilation strategy
  • IAQ Upgrades: Operable windows
  • Hot Water Type: Solar assisted
  • Hot Water Combustion: Sealed combustion
  • Hot Water Location: Interior closet
  • Hot Water Capacity: 50.0
  • Hot Water Energy Proto: 50000.0
  • Hot Water Fuel: Natural Gas
  • Hot Water Upgrades: Solar water heating system: collector area = 120 sq. feet, 160 gallons water storage capacity (2 80 gallon tanks in series)
  • Other EE Upgrades: Home includes a 1 kW Photovoltaic system, passive solar heating, and a solar water heater. A technical report on this home is available at
  • Other Awards: American Society of Heating, Refrigerating and Air-Conditioning Engineers (ASHRAE) Technology Award in the Alternative/Renewable Energy Use

Specification 886

  • Percent Energy Savings: 15
  • Submitted: No
  • Approved: Yes
  • Modified: 2008-05-05 00:00:00
  • Floor Plan: Unknown
  • House Type: Unknown
  • Roof Radiant: No
  • Wall Radiant: No
  • Total Energy Savings: 15.0

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Field Value
Author Nancy Wells
Maintainer Nancy Wells
Last Updated September 16, 2016, 20:31 (Etc/UTC)
Created September 16, 2016, 20:31 (Etc/UTC)
Construction Type New Construction
Evaluation Level Test House
Climate Cold
City Clear Creek County
State CO
Zip Code 99999
Phase Before 2010
Project Start Date 1970-01-01
Project Estimated End Date 1970-01-01
Project Actual End Date 1970-01-01
Completed House Count 1
Expected House Count 1
Energy Savings Percentage 7
Average Estimated Annual Source Energy (MMBtu) 1
Average Conditioned Floor Area (sqft) 1

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