Water's Edge at Lake Nona - TNAH2008

  • Description: The New American Home, as part of the annual International Builder's Show (IBS), is built as a showcase for the latest products, technologies, and design ideas in single family housing.  For the 2008 IBS, Robertson Homes built the showcase house in Orlando, FL.   The two-story, slab-on-grade house includes 6633 sq. ft. of finished floor area, an outdoor deck, and several balconies.  Other features include: U=0.45 & SHGC=0.49 windows; autoclaved, aerated concrete block above grade walls with interior and exterior foam insulation; unvented roof assembly with spray foam insulation at the roof deck; 62 cfm continuous passive supply air ventilation; three air source heat pumps averaging 16.6 SEER and 8.5 HSPF; solar thermal hot water system with electric backup for half the house and separate high efficiency propane fueled tankless water heater (EF=0.82) for other half of house; 28% of indoor lamps use energy efficient lighting; all energy star appliances.

Weather Info:

  • Location: Orlando, FL
  • Elevation: 105.0
  • Fact: 0.730000019073
  • End Type: Yes
  • Regional Office: Atlanta
  • Submitted: No
  • Approved: No
  • Modified: 2010-04-09
  • Stage: Completed
  • Visit: No

Specification 3729

  • Percent Energy Savings: 7
  • Submitted: No
  • Approved: Yes
  • Modified: 2008-05-05 00:00:00
  • Floor Plan: Unknown
  • Roof Radiant: No
  • Wall Radiant: No
  • Space Heating Capacity: 0.0
  • Total Energy Savings: 7.0

Specification 4241

  • Percent Energy Savings: 45
  • Submitted: No
  • Approved: Yes
  • Editor: Brad Oberg
  • Modified: 2008-01-24 00:00:00
  • Floor Plan: New American Home 2008 - Showcase Home
  • Style: Single-family detached, site built
  • House Type: Prototype/Research House (G2)
  • Number of Stories: 2.0
  • Floor Area: 6633.0
  • Roof Framing: Other
  • Roof Insulation: Other
  • Roof R Value: 20.0
  • Roof Radiant: No
  • Roof Upgrades: R-20 open cell, low density spray foam insulation on the underside of the roof decking, unvented attic is indirectly conditioned by air from the living space below
  • Wall Framing: Other
  • Wall Insulation: Other
  • Wall R Value: 8.0
  • Wall Sheathing: Other
  • Wall Sheathing R Value: 4.0
  • Wall Radiant: No
  • Wall Upgrades: Exterior wall consists of autoclaved, aerated concrete blocks (R-8) with extruded polystyrene foam insulation on the interior (R-4) and expanded polystyrene insulation on the exterior (R-5.7)
  • Foundation Type: Slab on grade
  • Foundation Insulation: None
  • Foundation Upgrades: Concrete slab situated on stem wall and footings
  • Window Glazing: Other
  • Window Framing: Other
  • Window U Value: 0.449999988079
  • Window SHGC: 0.490000009537
  • Window Upgrades: Windows did not achieve recommended energy performance specifications
  • Space Heating Type: Air Source Heat Pump
  • Space Heating Capacity: 0.0
  • Space Heating Efficiency: 8.0
  • Space Heating Efficiency Type: HSPF
  • Space Heating Location: Attic
  • Space Heating Energy Proto: 34.0
  • Space Heating Energy: 81.0
  • Space Heating Fuel: Electric
  • Space Heating Upgrades: Three air source heat pumps provide space conditioning. Average system performance is HSPF 8.5, SEER 16.6
  • Lighting Energy: 53.0
  • Lighting Energy Proto: 46.0
  • Light Appliance: 89.0
  • Light Appliance Proto: 101.0
  • Cooling Type: Air Source Heat Pump
  • Cooling SEER: 16.6000003815
  • Cooling Fuel: Electric
  • Cooling Energy Proto: 98.0
  • Cooling Energy: 272.0
  • Cooling Upgrades: Three air source heat pumps provide space conditioning. Average system performance is HSPF 8.5, SEER 16.6
  • Duct Type: Sheet metal / Flex
  • Duct Location: In conditioned space
  • Air Distribution Location: Attic
  • Air Distribution Upgrades: Air handlers and duct work located within the indirectly conditioned attic space
  • Air Tight Upgrades: Place extruded polystyrene directly against concrete block wall without any gaps between joints, spray foam insulation on underside of roof decking to enhance airtightness, foam seal around penetrations through building enclosure
  • Vent Type: Controlled supply
  • Vent Control: Continuous (24 hrs/day)
  • Vent Capacity: 62.0
  • Vapor Barriers: A 6-mil poly vapor barrier was placed directly below the slab, seams were overlapped and sealed.
  • Drainage Upgrades: Integrate flashing with the drainage plane system to increase home durability
  • IAQ Upgrades: Installed a passive supply air ventilation system and connected to the return air plenum of master bedroom air handling unit to introduce outside air into the house. Continuous outdoor airflow of 62 cfm is treated by the air handler prior to entering the duct system.
  • Hot Water Type: Solar assisted
  • Hot Water Combustion: Other
  • Hot Water Efficiency: 0.819999992847
  • Hot Water Energy Proto: 7.0
  • Hot Water Energy: 26.0
  • Hot Water Fuel: Natural Gas
  • Hot Water Upgrades: Solar hot water heating system with flat plate collectors, storage tank and separate electric water heater backup serves half the house's hot water needs. A high efficiency tankless, propane fueled water heater (0.82 EF) serves the other half of the house.
  • Other EE Upgrades: Energy Star appliances, recommended use of compact fluroescent lighting wherever possible
  • Benchmark Version: 2.6
  • Total Energy Use: 521.0
  • Total Energy Use Proto: 286.0
  • Percent Energy Savings: 45.0
  • Total Energy Savings: 45.0

Specification 4744

  • Percent Energy Savings: 0
  • Submitted: No
  • Approved: No
  • Editor: Lauren May
  • Modified: 2010-04-07 09:49:00
  • Floor Plan: floor plan test
  • House Type: Unknown
  • Roof Radiant: No
  • Wall Radiant: No

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Additional Info

Field Value
Author John Broniek
Maintainer John Broniek
Last Updated September 16, 2016, 21:58 (Etc/UTC)
Created September 16, 2016, 21:58 (Etc/UTC)
Construction Type New Construction
Evaluation Level Test House
Climate Hot - Humid
City Orlando
State FL
Zip Code 99999
Phase Before 2010
Project Start Date 2006-11-13
Project Estimated End Date 2007-11-09
Project Actual End Date 2007-11-09
Completed House Count 1
Expected House Count 2
Energy Savings Percentage 17
Average Estimated Annual Source Energy (MMBtu) 1
Average Conditioned Floor Area (sqft) 1

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